1.1. The customer must read and confirm these rental terms by signing the contract. The customer must agree to all the terms of this contract. The Lender reserves the right to refuse the rental or extension.
1.2. The customer must be 21 years of age, holding a valid national and international driving license that is at least one year old, to present a valid identity card. The Lender make face copies of the driver's license and the identity card of each driver mentioned in the contract.
1.3. For customers aged between 21 and 25 years, an additional € 100 guarantee is required in addition to the guarantee for the vehicle to be rented.
1.4. Included in the rental rate: RCA insurance, road taxes, maintenance and periodical technical revisions.
1.5. All vehicles are delivered and must be returned in full. If the tank is not full at the return, the bill will be invoiced
fuel Loss calculated from Locator's estimate
1.6. Renting is allowed only on the territory of Romania.
1.7. The delivery and return of the vehicle shall be made at the place, date and time fixed by the Customer together with the Lender. Returning the vehicle to a place other than the one agreed upon is only permitted with the prior consent of the Locator and may incur additional charges.
1.8. The rental car can only be driven by the Customer, the persons mentioned in the contract as additional drivers and by the Lender.
1.9. The rental car must be used in accordance with the instructions for its use and in accordance with the Lender's instructions. Any damage must be notified to the Lender at the time it was discovered and all measures must be taken to limit it.
1.10. The car can only be repaired in an authorized service and designated by the Lender.
1.11. If the car suffers any malfunction due to improper use, the Lender reserves the right to invoice the customer for the cost of the fault, which is obliged to pay the invoice.
1.12. In case of damage, the client undertakes to perform the formalities for declaring a damage provided by the law.
2.1. Rental rates are fixed in Euro and include VAT. The rental value is invoiced in RON at the BNR exchange rate on the invoice date. Payment is made in advance when signing the contract.
2.2. The customer pays when signing the contract the amount of ________ EURO as warranty in case the car has suffered damage. The warranty will be returned to the Customer when the rented vehicle is handed over in the same condition as it was handed over.
2.3. The warranty is invoiced by the Lender to the Client only under the following conditions:
 - inadequate maintenance of the vehicle, resulting in defects and damage (tire cutting, pruning or explosion, wheel deformation, engine malfunctions, damage to the upholstery, hinges or registration plates, lack of objects specified in the delivery / receipt sheet )
- damage caused by unauthorized persons while driving (unauthorized persons are defined as those who do not respect the rental conditions related to the driver's age, seniority in the driving license category)
- accidents caused to the rented vehicle ascertained by the authorities as being the Customer's fault or the unknown author (including the situation in which the vehicle is found hit in the parking lot).
- theft of the rented car, original or duplicate keys or registration plates.
2.4. The vehicle has RCA insurance. The insurance does not cover the loss, theft or destruction of goods belonging to the Client or his attendants in the vehicle.
2.5. The rental price per day is offered depending on the rental period. In the case of early returning (prior to the expiration of the rental period), the amounts paid are not refunded, except at the Lender's initiative.
2.6. Upon return of the vehicle, in the case of a delay of up to one hour from the date and time specified in the contract, no additional charges are payable. The lender reserves the right to charge an additional charge according to the following calculation method: for an announced delay of 1-3 hours, an additional fee is charged for half of the rental days at the list rate; for a delay longer than 3 hours, an additional charge equal to the equivalent of a rental day at the list rate is charged. The list rate is the price for a rental day corresponding to the rental car. The announced delay may not exceed 24 hours after the deadline specified in the contract.
2.7. For unannounced delays, the charges for the announced delays (as per 2.6) plus an additional charge of 5 euro per hour of delay, up to the delivery of the vehicle, are charged.
2.8. All fees in items 2.3, 2.6. and 2.7. will be paid by the Customer at the time of handing the vehicle on the basis of the Payer's issued document.
2.9. The cost calculation does not include fuel costs, which are the responsibility of the Customer.
The Lender has the following obligations:
3.1. To give the Customer the right to use the vehicle that is the object of the contract by handing the vehicle:
handing over, handing over keys and copies of machine documents (registration certificate, RCA insurance policy, rovigneta).
3.2. To deliver the customer's vehicle, under the contract and after payment, in good working order and in accordance with the manufacturer's technical standards on the basis of a delivery-receipt form.
3.3. To guarantee the customer the peaceful use of the vehicle when he has fulfilled his obligations.
The customer has the following obligations:
4.1. Comply with the terms and conditions of this agreement and its annexes.
4.2. To pay the rental price of the vehicle in accordance with the conditions laid down in Chapter 3 of the contract.
4.3. Take the vehicle and return it under the same conditions, according to the delivery / receipt form. It will also return the set of keys in good condition. In case of lost or damaged keys, it agrees to pay the amount of EUR 100 under the conditions specified in 3.1.
4.4. Not to use the vehicle for taxi driving, driving school, car sports, guard and protection activities, transport of dangerous or flammable substances, pushing or towing.
4.5. Not allow driving the vehicle by others except those specified in the contract. Otherwise, in case of damage, it will bear its full cost. In the event of total damage, the Customer blames the price difference between the assessed value of the vehicle and the amount paid by the insurance company.
4.6. Not to sell, pledge or dispose of the vehicle in any way other than that agreed by this agreement.
4.7. To bear the cost of any damage to the car and / or to third parties caused by its fault while committing any infringement of the laws in force, including the driving of a car under the influence of alcoholic beverages, narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances or drugs having similar effects.
4.8. Fully pay the fines received regarding the violations of traffic rules, fines resulting from unlawful parking and all costs resulting from actions taken by local authorities against the vehicle covered by this contract during the rental period.
4.9. To inform the Lender, at his request, of the location of the vehicle.
4.10. The Customer undertakes to allow the Lender to inspect the vehicle within 24 hours of its request.
4.11. Return to the Lender the vehicle borrowed under the terms and conditions of this agreement and bear all costs of bringing the vehicle to the place of return in the event of an accident or damage to the car.
4.12. In case of vehicle theft, the Customer undertakes to immediately notify the Lender and to declare the criminal event at the time of the finding.
4.13. The following situations are assimilated to theft of the vehicle by the Customer or the Client's complicity:
- exceeding the period of return of the car by more than 24 hours in the absence of an agreement between the parties regarding the extension of the rental period and the payment of the equivalent of this extension.
- failure to notify police in case of vehicle disappearance, lack of confirmation of the police complaint and failure to present the original key of the car.
4.14. In the event of a road accident , if it is produced by Customer's fault, the Customer undertakes to pay for the repair of the whole vehicle.
4.15. In the event of a road accident, whether or not it is the fault of the Customer, the Customer must pay the days of stopping (from the day of the accident until the day of the vehicle's full repair) with an amount equal to the price list of car rental per day for each day of staying.
5.1. The contract may be extended by agreement of both parties by the conclusion of an additional contract. The Customer's intention to extend the contract shall be communicated to the Lender at least 24 hours before the expiration of the contract. The agreed price shall be paid under the same conditions as set out in Chapter 2 of this contract, and the warranty shall be returned to the Customer at the time of delivery of the vehicle.
5.2. The contract terminates at the end of the rental period. Obligations arising from the contract may exceed the rental period itself (payment terms, fines subsequently received by the lender, etc.).
5.3. The rental agreement may be terminated before the deadline by agreement of the parties or as a result of termination.
5.4. The Lender may terminate this Agreement without prior notice and without delay in the following situations:
a. Dissolution, liquidation, reorganization or bankruptcy proceedings against the Client.
b. Begin criminal prosecution against Customer, or its representatives.
c. Customer's death or loss of exercise capacity.
d. Non-observance of any clause agreed by the parties through the conclusion of this contract.
5.5. Both in the event of cessation of the contract before the deadline and in the event of termination, the Customer has the obligation to return the vehicle within 3 hours of the termination of the contract at the lender's premises under the same conditions as he has taken over.
6.1. Upon expiration of the Rental Period, the Customer has the obligation to return the vehicle at the time and place specified in the contract, under the same conditions as it was taken over.
6.2. In the event that the Customer unjustified delays the delivery of the vehicle, the Lender has the right to remove it from the Customer's possession at the expense and risk of the customer.
6.3. In the event that the Customer does not return the rented vehicle and the lease period is not extended, he is obliged to pay the penalties calculated according to the list tariff according to 2.6 and 2.7.
7.1. The handover-receipt (Annex 1) is an integral part of this contract.
7.2. From the time of handing over the vehicle to its retention, the Lender is relieved of liability for damage caused to third parties by the vehicle rented to the Customer.
7.3. The Customer undertakes for the entire duration of the lease all obligations arising out of the use of the vehicle, directly or through the persons indicated in this contract.
7.4. The customer is late in law for all obligations assumed in
contract and not respected as time limits.
7.5. The Lender reserves the right to recover from the Client any amount of money and expenses incurred in recovering it in accordance with the applicable Romanian laws on compensation as a result of Customer's breach of the obligations that are the subject of this Agreement.
7.6. This contract is subject to the laws of Romania. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this agreement will first be settled amicably, and in the event of unsolved parties, they will address the competent courts of law.